The National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek is the first and leading higher education institution not only in Uzbekistan, but also in Central Asia: 15 faculties, 80 chairs, 16 joint education programs, The number of graduates is 200,000+


Full information about the history and leadership of the faculty

According to the order of the rector of the Central Asian State University No. 276 of June 20, 1959, the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics was divided into two separate faculties, and from 1959, the Faculty of Physics began to operate independently.

In 1991 it was the beginning of a new era in the life of the university, in particular, the Faculty of Physics. During the years of independence, the direction of education and research at the faculty has changed completely. After Uzbekistan chose the path of development as an independent state, in the early years, the country was given a task to achieve a high level of culture and spirituality, as well as world-class education. These tasks are being implemented gradually with consistent reforms.

About Professor Teachers

 The total number of professors and teachers is 64, including:

  • 3 academics
  • 14 doctors of science
  • 28  candidate of science
  • 7   PhD
  • 12  teachers without academic degrees

         2.1 The teaching staff  (55 men / 9 women)

Number of educational programs:

  • Bachelor                                       in 3 directions
  • Master's degree                           in 8 specialties
  • Awarding academic degrees       1 academic council

3.1. Bachelor's degree directions (daily):
60530900 - Physics
60531200 - Medical Physics
60531100 - Astronomy

3.2. Joint training program (if available)

Names - not available

3.3. Bachelor's degree directions (evening):
Names - 60530900 - Physics
3.4. Bachelor's degree (part-time):
Names - not available

3.5. Secondary specialization (if available)
Names - not available

Master's degree:
- 70530901 –Physics (by directions)
- 70530902 – Nuclear physics and nuclear technology (by application)
- 70530904 –Renewable energy sources and sustainable environmental physics
- 70530905 –Semiconductor physics
- 70530906 –Microelectronics
- 70531101 –Astronomy (in the field of research)
- 70531201 –Medical physics
- 70720601 – Materials Science and Materials Technology (by branches)

Student contingent

 In the section of courses

Bachelor’s degree directions:  1243 people
The 1st year: 372 people
The 2nd year: 335 people
The 3rd year: 293 people
The 4th year: 243 people

Master's degree specialties:  294 people
The 1st year: 161 people
The 2nd year: 133 people

Number of boys / girls

Bachelor’s degree directions:
The 1st year: 227 boys / 145 girls
The 2nd year: 204 boys / 131 girls
The 3rd year: 186 boys / 107 girls
The 4th year: 105 boys / 138 girls

Master's degree specialties:
The 1st year: 107 boys / 54 girls
The 2nd year: 87 boys / 46 girls

Grant / contract

Bachelor’s degree directions
The 1st year: 92 grants / 280 contracts
The 2nd year: 84 grants / 251 contracts
The 3rd year: 73 grants / 220 contracts
The 4th year: 68 grants / 175 contracts

Master's degree specialties:
The 1st year: 126 grants / 35 contracts
The 2nd year: 18 grants / 15 contracts

 Student’s accommodation (photos) and student’s utilization rate from student’s accommodation (in figures)

Attached to the Faculty of Physics 2 - Student Dormitory 490 students currently reside.

Departments of the faculty
- General physics
- Theoretical physics
- Photonics
- Nuclear physics
- Physics of semiconductors and polymers
- Astronomy and astrophysics

Scientific laboratories (if any) - not available
-Research topics - not available
-Achieved results - not available

 International relations

- Foreign teachers (from which universities, in the state, by hour) -

In the 2021/2022 academic year, Professor Nakamura Katsuhiro of Osaka University, Japan, will teach master’s degree students at the Department of Theoretical Physics in the main state and he will be a scientific adviser to master’s degree students.

International students. (From which countries) - not available

International student exchange (number of students and university name)

In the 2021/2022 academic year, one student exchange was held with the Kyrgyz-Uzbek University named after Batirali Sadikov.

Information on foreign and local grants, if any, mainly on the calendar year, amount (by years, in numbers). For display in diagrams and infographics on the site.

YearName of the departmentGrants from foreign research centers and funds from foreign research fundsProceeds from research conducted on the basis of state grants
2020Theoretical physics0189 000 000 sum
202160 000 euro0
2020General physics00
2020Photonics0169 000 000 sum
2021507 000 000 sum250 000 000 sum
2020Physics of semiconductors and polymers0207 000 000 sum
2021160 300 euro230 000 000 sum
2020Nuclear physics68 792 euro0
202180 000 euro0
2020Astronomy and astrophysics0264 000 000 sum
2020Total879 576 575 sum
(68 792 eurо)
829 000 000 sum
2021348 300 euro
(4 227 188 229 sum)
480 000  000 sum

 In addition, the information on the faculty's website will be more attractive if it provides information about the winners of competitions, Olympiads, competitions, faculty and students, quality photos of faculty life (study, practice, nature travel and other processes).

During the years of independence, professors and teachers of the faculty have been awarded a number of state prizes, including Valiev Uygun Vakhidovich - Honored Scientist of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Norkulov Nematjon - Honored Youth Coach of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Musakhanov Mirzayusuf Mirzamahmudovich - the Medal of Fame, Vlasov Sergey Igorevich - the Medal of Fame, student Eldor Karimboev-won the Medal of Fame. Mukimov Komil Mukimovich, Mamadalimov Abdugafur Teshaboevich, Musakhanov Mirzayusuf Mirzamahmudovich, Muminov Tolib Musaevich, working at the faculty, were elected academicians of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 8 students were awarded the State Scholarship named after the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 2 students were awarded the Ulugbek State Scholarship.