The National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek is 105 years old!


The National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek is a leading higher education institution not only in Uzbekistan, but also in Central Asia. The university has trained more than 100,000 highly qualified specialists over the course of a century of activity and has been providing a great service to all sectors of our country with qualified personnel. Also, in 2021, the university was ranked 254+ by the international rating agency QS World University Rankings, rising 100 places in the ranking of developing countries of Europe and Central Asia, and +155 places according to the Academic reputation indicator. According to QS EECA University, it was among the strongest universities.

The National University of Uzbekistan, which has a century-long history, rich traditions and innovative ideas, is working with determination and enthusiasm to further increase achievements in the field of science and education and to make a worthy contribution to the development of the Motherland. today - December 25, in order to properly reward the team, an awarding ceremony dedicated to the results of 2021 named "Results of 2021: results and future plans" was held. Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education Abduqadir Tashkulov, Rector of the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek Inom Madjidov, vice-chancellors, academicians, professors and teachers, heads of departments and university employees took part in the event. At the event, the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education Tashkulov Abduqadir highlighted the achievements of the National University of Uzbekistan this year, in particular, ensuring mutual integration of science, education and production, improving the quality of education, creating modern educational literature, training competitive personnel, increasing scientific potential, international recognized his significant work on entering world-recognized ratings based on the development of cooperation.

  • A result that is not found in all higher education institutions, in particular, the scientific potential is higher than 58%, in 2021, 8 Doctor of Science (DSc), 62 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) dissertations were defended. The most interesting thing is that residences for students with about 1,500 beds were built without huge expenses, - said Abduqodir Tashkulov.

Also, yesterday, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan noted that two historic, if we may say, revolutionary decisions were signed in the field of higher education, and 35 state higher education institutions were given financial independence and a number of powers in the academic and organizational-management fields.

  • A person who, while in higher education, entered into these decisions and did not say that I will contribute to their implementation, is a stranger to our field.
  • The main goal is to loosen the hand of state higher education institutions, to give them the opportunity to make independent decisions in order to compete with branches of private and foreign educational institutions.

Also, the work of a group of university professors was duly awarded by the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education. After that, the rector of the National University of Uzbekistan made a speech and sincerely congratulated the achievements and results of the university team this year. During the event, active professors and teachers in the following 7 categories were awarded with a certificate, a voucher for a computer set, and vouchers for a cash prize of 5,000,000 soums:

  • The most active teacher of the year (3 people);
  • Author of the most active articles of the year (professors and teachers who published the most articles in Scopus journals) (3 people);
  • Author of the most active educational literature of the year (3 people);
  • For services to increase the academic reputation of the University (3 people);
  • The most active department of the year (professors and teachers recruited from TOP-1000 universities
  • The most active promoter of spirituality of the year (3 people);
  • For services in attracting sponsorship funds to the university (3 people).
  • The event ended with a festive concert program.