The National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek is 105 years old!

Department of Civil Protection and Labor Protection

Mavlanov Behzod - Head of Department   

 100174 Universitet street 4, Olmazor district, Tashkent

 Monday-Saturday, 14:00 – 17:00

+998 71 227-15-59


Enforcement of laws on education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Decrees, Orders, Presidential decrees, Cabinet Resolutions, Board resolutions, orders, instructions, modem and telephone messages of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education and orders of the National University of Uzbekistan;

•Informing university employees about the content of decrees and decisions adopted by the President and the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan regarding the activities of the Department;

•Conclusion and implementation of mutually beneficial cooperation agreements between an educational institution and an enterprise, an organization, a private enterprise and a firm;

• Carry out appropriate work on civil protection, labor protection, technical and fire safety at the facilities of the National University of Uzbekistan;

•Organization of work to ensure safe and healthy working and living conditions in educational, student dormitories and other buildings of the National University of Uzbekistan;

• Ensuring compliance with the orders and orders of the Rector of the National University of Uzbekistan on Labor Protection and safety, civil protection and fire safety;

Ensuring the implementation and control of scientific developments in the field of occupational health and safety, the introduction of safe work standards;

• Participate in the certification of the sanitary and technical condition of educational laboratories, workshops and other premises at the departments of the National University of Uzbekistan and provide methodological assistance;

The Department of Civil Protection and Labor Protection employs the head of the department, a Category 1 occupational safety engineer, a civil protection and emergency situations engineer and a fire safety instructor.

The organization of work with the management, teaching staff, educational and auxiliary and financial and economic personnel is carried out directly, in accordance with the instructions and instructions of the head of the department. The specialist of the department works in accordance with the instructions. Basically, the department studies the state of affairs on the basis of the following documents and makes suggestions.


About the state of emergency


1. On fire safety
2. On labor protection
3. On civil protection