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Trade union

Hudoynazarov Olimjon Alinazarovich - Head of department

 100174, Universitet street 4, Olmazor district, Tashkent

 Monday-Saturday, 14:00 – 17:00

 +998 71 246-63-65

The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Trade Unions, their rights and guarantees of their activities", "On Public Associations", "On Non-Governmental Organizations" The trade union of workers of education, science and culture is governed by the Charter of the Republican Council and other legal acts. At present, the trade union committee of professors and employees operates as an independent organization and unites 1646 members of the trade union.
The Trade Union Committee has a multidisciplinary organizational structure, ie 10 faculties, the Regional Center for Retraining and Advanced Training of Teachers at the National University of Uzbekistan, 1 Academic Lyceum, 25 Primary Trade Union Organizations. In each of the lib there are chairmen of the primary trade unions. There are 9 commissions in the trade union committee:

  1. Audit Commission
  2. Commission on spiritual, educational and sports work
  3. Commission on Housing and Social Affairs
  4. Commission on labor protection and technical safety
  5. Organizational Affairs Commission
  6. Social Insurance Commission
  7. Commission on protection of labor rights of workers and employees
  8. Youth Affairs Commission
  9. Commission on Women

The general activities of the trade union committee of faculty and staff are:
It protects the constitutional rights of university staff to work, regardless of nationality, gender, age and religion, to freely choose a job and profession, to work in fair working conditions, to be protected from unemployment. Facilitates the introduction and adherence to a socially just system of remuneration and labor discipline of teachers and staff. Actively participates in raising the spiritual and educational level of teachers and staff, the meaningful organization of their leisure and recreation. Supervises and provides legal protection for teachers and staff in accordance with the requirements of labor legislation, labor protection and environmental protection laws. Facilitates the health of teachers and their families and their regular participation in sports. Takes the initiative in resolving labor disputes that arise in the community