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Department econometric economics and modeling

Nasretdinova Shakhnoza Saidakmalovna - Head of department

 100174, Universitet street 4, Olmazor district, Tashkent

 Monday-Friday, 14:00 – 17:00

+998 71 246-90-80

The Department of Econometrics and Economic Modeling prepares Bachelor's and Master's degrees in the direction of Econometrics.

According to the Appendix to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated May 11, 2016 No. 2527 "On measures to further improve the activities of the National University of Uzbekistan", Shakhnoza Saidakmalovna was appointed head of the Department of Econometrics and Economic Modeling, who to this day sincerely fulfills this task.

Currently,   the faculty of the department conducts lectures, operational and laboratory classes in a number of disciplines in all specialties of bachelor's and master's degrees.

Subject nameBrief information about the subject
1Статистикаformation of deep professional knowledge and necessary pedagogical skills in the field of methodology and practice of statistics
2Microeconomics and macroeconomicsteaching the theoretical foundations of economic knowledge, basic concepts and categories of economics, economic laws and principles and developing the ability to apply them in practice
3Management and Marketingteaching theoretical foundations, basic concepts and categories, principles of knowledge in the field of management and marketing and developing the ability to apply them in practice
4Fundamentals of EconometricsQuantitative study of the causes and consequences of changes in economic processes or events based on an in-depth study of the basics of econometric analysis and econometric modeling.
5Higher MathematicsStudy of mathematical knowledge used in modeling economic processes
6Digital and information technologiesIn-depth and comprehensive acquaintance of students with modern technical means, methods of using operating systems and tools, principles and methods of automation of computing processes, as well as opportunities and directions of digitalization in various sectors of the economy.
7Investment ManagementTo provide knowledge about the mechanism of formation of the investment system, organizational, economic, regulatory, scientific and methodological foundations of investment assessment, the main directions, forms and methods of investment assessment.
8Analysis of investment projectsThe purpose of teaching the subject "Analysis of investment projects" is to teach students the theoretical and practical basics of designing, analyzing and selecting effective projects in practice.
9Linear algebraTo develop the skills of analyzing economic problems by methods of linear algebra, analysis and substantiation of the results obtained.
10Probability theory and mathematical statisticsTo give a clear idea of classical statistical processes, to study methods for creating a mathematical model of these processes and finding solutions, mathematical analysis of solutions, processing numerical sampling of data from stochastic experiments and developing practical skills to create appropriate statistical conclusions.
11Economic and mathematical models and methodsImplementation of stages and decision-making processes at enterprises based on various forms of ownership, analysis of their economic activities and effective use of economic and mathematical methods and models and modern information technologies in solving practical problems that may arise in this area.
12Financial mathematicsTo develop knowledge, skills and competencies in the field of analysis of international and domestic trade and investment projects, to know how to make scientifically sound financial decisions using quantitative methods, to master quantitative methods used in international financial and credit systems.
13Time series analysisAnalyze changes in economic processes over time, model time series and check their adequacy, develop forecasting skills based on time series models.
14Actuarial mathematicsThe laws of political and territorial organization and development of society, the processes of formation and development of the political map of the world, the formation of knowledge, skills and abilities in the geographical aspects of foreign economic relations.
15Financial programmingformation of systematized knowledge and skills on macroeconomic theory, macroeconomic analysis and macroeconomic policy of the state
16Technical analysis of the capital marketto study the basics of theory and practice of technical analysis of currency and securities markets
17Risk management and insuranceTo provide theoretical knowledge on risk management, to develop practical risk management skills and to form modern knowledge, skills and abilities.
18Game Theory in EconomicsA discipline that teaches theoretical knowledge and practical skills of managerial decision-making, the choice of optimal strategies and decisions, allowing to identify options for decision-making in management in modern conditions of organizational, economic and production systems.
19Macroeconomic analysis and forecastingTo provide knowledge on theoretical and practical issues necessary for the analysis and forecasting of the country's economy in a modern market economy.
Full name of the researcherAcademic degree, titleThe topic of the dissertation work
Mirzaev Bobur SoyibjonovichPhd student 3rd yearEconometric modeling of the rapid development of the insurance market in Uzbekistan
Djalilov Dostonbek AbduazizovichPhd student 3rd year 
Abdujalilova Go’zal SaydillayevnaPhd student 2rd year 
Name of the organization and institutionInformation about branches
Ministry of Economy of the Republic of UzbekistanIn each region there is an economic department, and in each district there is a branch.
Extrabudgetary Pension Fund under the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of UzbekistanEach area has a department, each area has a department.
State Committee on Statistics of the Republic of UzbekistanEach area has a department, each area has a department.
Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations of the Republic of UzbekistanEach area has a department, each area has a department.
Uzkimesanoat Joint Stock CompanyTashkent (Practice up to 2 people)
Stock Market Focal PointManagement is in every area
“Uzbekinvest Hayot” Insurance CompanyManagement is in every area
Rural Construction BankEach area has a department, each area has a department.
ATB "Agrobank"Each area has a department, each area has a department.
Tashkent Republican Stock ExchangeTashkent (Practice up to 15 students)
Joint Stock Company "Alokabank"Mirabad branch, Kokand branch, Andijan branch, Bukhara branch, Kashkadarya branch, Navoi branch, Namangan branch, Karakalpak branch, Samarkand branch, Surkhandarya branch, Khorezm, Ferghana branch, Jizzak branch
AKB MicrocreditbankEach area has a department, each area has a department.
Private joint-stock commercial bank "DAVR-BANK"Tashkent, Tashkent region (Kibrai, Zangiotinsky, Bektemir districts)
XALQ SUGURTA LLC Insurance CompanyTashkent City
Joint-Stock and Commercial Halyk Bank Tashkent City Uchtepinsky BranchUchtepa district of Tashkent
AQIB Ipoteka Bank Yakkasaray filialTashkent city Yakkasaray district
Asaka Bank Joint Stock CompanyZarafshan of Navoi region
Furniture factory "KENG MAKON"Located in Tashkent and Tashkent region
Full name of Professor-teachersAcademic degree, title
Насретдинова Шахноза СаидакмаловнаHead of the Department
Мадрахимов Рузимбой Машариповичassistant professor
Отаев Шоназар Қодировичassistant professor
Нурмухамедова Наргиза Сайдиллаевнаassistant professor
Парпиев Зиёдулла Тухтасиновичassistant professor
Джаббаров Рахимжон АбдуллаевичSenior Lecturer
Мирзаев Бобур СойибжоновичSenior Lecturer
Рузманов Шухрат УсмоновичSenior Lecturer
Алимов Ойбек Наркуловичteacher
Джалилов Достонбек Абдуазизовичteacher
Файзуллаев Достон Махмуд ўғлиteacher

The activity of the" young programmers "group under the Department" econometrics and economic modeling " was organized by senior teacher Djabbarov Rakhimjon and teacher Alimov Oybek in October 2020. The activity carries out its activities in accordance with the decrees of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan, resolutions of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan, current laws, normative documents of the Ministry of Higher and secondary special education, orders and orders of the University's leadership.

Students of the University are taught master classes on "digital and Information Technologies" on information technologies and their software.