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Department of physical chemistry

Akbarov Xamdam Ikromovich – Head of the department

 100174, Universitet street 4, Olmazor district, Tashkent

 Monday-Friday, 14:00 – 17:00

 +998 90 176 80 49

Date of foundation of the department: 1927

Heads of the department: prof. Alekseev D.V. (1927-1930), prof. Kolosovsky N.A. (1930-1936), prof. Usanovich M.I. (1936-1944), prof. V.V. Udovenko (1944-1952), acad. Usmonov Kh.U. (1953-1972), prof. Tillaev R.S. (1972-2005), prof. Akbarov XI (2005-2010), points. Sagdullaev B.U. (2010-2012), Yunusov F.U. (2012-2013), prof. Kholikov A.Yu. (2013-2014), points. Mukhtarov A.P. (2014-2015), points. Sagdullaev B.U. (2015-2017), prof. Akbarov XI (From 2017 to the present).                         

The department offers courses in "chemistry" in the disciplines "Physical chemistry", "Colloidal chemistry", "Quantum chemistry and quantum mechanics", "Structure of matter", "Chemistry of oil and gas", "Chemistry of natural and physiologically active compounds" and "Chemistry" ... Lectures, seminars and laboratory classes for general courses, such as "Physical and Colloidal Chemistry" in the direction of "Chemical Analysis of Products". Master's degree in Physical Chemistry and Chemistry, Chemical Thermodynamics, Statistical Thermodynamics, Thermodynamics of Nonequilibrium Processes, Thermodynamics of Solutions, Kinetics of Electrochemical Processes, Nanoparticles and Nanocomposite Materials, Physicochemistry events ", as well as a number of elective courses. The following textbooks and teaching aids were published by professors and teachers of the department: Acad. Kh.U. Usmanov "Physical chemistry", acad. K.S. Akhmedov "Colloidal Chemistry", prof. R.S. Tillaev "Collection of examples and problems from physical chemistry", prof. H.I. Akbarov, prof. R.S. Tillaev, Assoc. BOO. Sagdullaev textbook "Physical Chemistry", co-authored with prof. H.I. Akbarov, Assoc. BOO. Sagdullaev, prof. A.Zh. Kholikov, the textbook "Physical Chemistry" was republished twice (2019, 2020) and is the main textbook in the universities of the republic. In addition, many teaching aids have been published by professors and teachers of the department.                   

Disciplines taught at the department are conducted in a separate form for bachelors and masters.

SubjectBrief information about him
1Physical chemistryTheories in the field of chemical thermodynamics, phase equilibria, thermodynamics of solutions, electrochemistry, chemical kinetics and catalysis, statistical thermodynamics and thermodynamics of nonequilibrium processes, the corresponding theoretical and practical knowledge given in laboratories.
2Substance structureA science that studies various physical and chemical properties of substances and their causes, forms knowledge about their mechanism, quantum mechanical causes, based on the processes occurring in macrosystems as a result of the interaction of substances consisting of microparticles with various external fields.
3Quantum chemistry and quantum mechanicsScience that sheds light on the meaning of the theoretical laws of chemistry, teaches the application of these laws and demonstrates the practical possibilities of using them to solve specific chemical problems.
4Colloidal chemistryThis is a science that teaches the development of heterogeneous structures on surfaces with mechanical and electrical properties that arise at the interphase boundaries of surfaces that differ in their nature and physical state, on the one hand, how dispersed phases arise, their stability and other properties.
5Physical and Colloidal ChemistryIntroduction to the basic concepts of physical and colloidal chemistry and knowledge of chemical thermodynamics. Phase equilibria. Thermodynamics of solutions, electrochemistry, chemical kinetics and catalysis, statistical thermodynamics and thermodynamics of nonequilibrium processes, dispersed systems, their properties.

About researchers and scientific work

№.Research professor F.I.Sh.Academic degree, titleDissertation topic
1Azimov Lazizbekdoctoral studentPhysicochemical bases of inhibition of corrosion of steel in the process of gas purification with amines. 
2Mamatov Jayhundoctoral studentPhysicochemical Properties of PAN-Silicon Nanostructured Hybrid Composites
3Radjabov Yusufboydoctoral studentStudy of the mechanism of inhibition of oligomeric amino compounds and systems based on secondary raw materials.
4Khodzhieva Gulmiradoctoral studentSynthesis and photocatalytic properties of modified titanium dioxide nanophotocatalysts for photocatalytic decomposition of organic pollutants in wastewater
5Djunsalieva Galiyadoctoral studentQuantum-chemical study of the interaction and physicochemical properties of conjugated polymers with biologically active substances.
6Sidrasulieva GozzalIndependent researcherPhysicochemical properties of nanoparticles containing S x    
7Kalbaev SaparboyIndependent researcherInvestigation of the physicochemical properties of CdTe quantum dots by experimental and quantum-chemical methods.

Information about domestic and foreign partners

International research projects are implemented jointly with a number of leading universities in the Republic of Belarus. Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov (prof. Shpigun OA, Krasikov VD, prof. Zubov VP); Tbilisi State University (Prof. Grigory Tatishvili); National University of Kazakhstan (academician Bekturov E.A., prof. Kudaibergenov S.E.); Saint Petersburg. NPO Plastpolymer (VN Budtov); Kyoto University, Japan (Prof. Nakanishi K.); Kiev National University of Ukraine (Prof. VN Zaitsev); A number of projects are being implemented in cooperation with the Technical University of Braunschweig (Pierre Stolsenburg), Tianjin University of the People's Republic of China (Prof. Ji Xiao Wang), University of Buffalo (Prof. Mark Swihart).        

Department structure

No.Last name and first nameEmail address

6. Scientific laboratories

Research work is carried out in the following areas: "Molecular-conformational characteristics and thermodynamic properties of polymer solutions", "Physicochemical properties of nanohybrid composite materials obtained by the Zolgel technology", "Kinetics of electrochemical processes and corrosion inhibitors of a new generation", Photocatalysts based on nanomaterials ”and“ Quantum-chemical research ”. The department annually publishes more than 50 scientific works. In recent years, 6 patents have been received and about 10 developments have been implemented (Shurtan GKK, AMMK, NTMK, Bekabad Metallurgical Plant, Fergana NKIZ).  

7. Scientific circles

The department has a circle "Physical chemistry". It teaches complex topics in physical chemistry, Olympic topics.