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Department of taekwondo and sports activities

Aliev Iskandar - Head of department

 100174, Universitet street 4, Olmazor district, Tashkent

 Monday-Friday, 14:00 – 17:00

+998 90 397-75-77


History and main activities of the department: In order to further develop the sport of Taekwondo (WT) in the Republic of Uzbekistan, to improve the system of training highly skilled athletes and personnel, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan on November 16, 2017 No 3390 The Resolution "On the establishment of the Faculty of Taekwondo and Sports" within the National University was adopted.
In accordance with the decision, in 2018, the department of "Taekwondo and sports activities" was established at the faculty (5610518 - Sports activities Taekwondo WT). The main purpose of the department: methods of theoretical and practical teaching of Taekwondo (WT), the history of taekwondo, the training of highly qualified personnel who can use modern pedagogical and information and communication technologies, using international best practices, Improving the system of training highly qualified foreign and domestic practitioners and coaches involved in the educational process, educating highly qualified coaches and teachers, talented students, training professional athletes who can adequately participate in international competitions and in the field of sports has satisfactory knowledge and prepares talented athletes for the national team of Uzbekistan.

At present, the department has developed modern training programs and methods aimed at training highly qualified turner teachers, selection of talented young athletes, professional athletes who will be able to participate in international sports competitions, developing their skills and knowledge.
In order to further strengthen the knowledge and skills of students in the field of sports activities under the department (Taekwondo WT, Rugby, Wrestling), the full effective use of the University sports complexes.
The department of "Taekwondo and sports activities" provides scientific and methodological information in the field of education, training of qualified specialists, physical culture and sports, on which the average Scopus database for each academic year The publication of scientific articles in journals under the indexation, about 30 international and national scientific articles, more than 5 textbooks and manuals, 2 monographs, created the basis for students to learn.
More than 5 sports clubs specializing in martial arts have been set up to help students develop their talents and abilities and become future professionals in their field.
The department has established mutually beneficial cooperation with prestigious universities in foreign countries (1000 students). In particular, Dankuk, Yongin and Mukhtar Auvezov universities of the Republic of Korea and South Kazakhstan,

Prospective memorandums and agreements have been signed with the leaders of the World Taekwondo Development Fund, the World and Asian Rugby Federation, and direct cooperation has been established.

During the academic year, the department allows university scientists to participate with their lectures, which are included in the prestigious rankings for students.

The students of the department regularly participate in sports and improve their sports skills at the university sports complex. As a result, she took part in the Asian, World and Olympic and Paralympic Games (Ulugbek Rashitov, Svetlana Osipova, Taekwondo WT, Ziyoda Isakova, Zuhriddin Tokhirov, Partaekwondo, WT). They are making a great contribution to raising the country to new heights.

The care shown by the President to the youth, the effective use of the conditions created by the university leadership for the student-athletes to fully demonstrate their potential, all this creates the need for them to be able to show their strength in the international arena.
Specialists of the Department of Taekwondo and Sports are working to achieve high goals in the future, to increase the ranking of the university, to provide exemplary knowledge to young people, to train sports coaches who raise the flag of our country, to provide our society with educated, wise and patriotic personnel. are going.

Disciplines taught at the department:
Name of ScienceBrief information about Science  
1Improving sports skills (taekwondo)Training in the techniques and tactics of taekwondo, the use of tools and methods of taekwondo, selection of athletes for the sport of taekwondo  
2Improving sports skills (wrestling)Mastering the theoretical and practical foundations of wrestling  
3Improving sports skills (rugby)Mastering the theoretical and practical foundations of  rugby  
4Improving sports skills (volleyball)Mastering the theoretical and practical foundations of volleyball  
5Improving sports skills (handball)Mastering the theoretical and practical foundations of handball  
6Methods of teaching sports and outdoor games (football)Mastering the theoretical and practical foundations of football  
7Methods of teaching sports and outdoor games (volleyball)Mastering the theoretical and practical foundations of volleyball.  
8Theory and methodology of physical educationThe formation of skills to implement the basic theoretical and methodological rules of professional activity of a teacher of physical culture and sports.  
9Theory and Methodology of TaekwondoScience fulfills the tasks of shaping students' theoretical knowledge, practical skills and abilities, as well as the scientific worldview.  
10Rugby Theory and MethodologyScience serves the task of shaping students ’theoretical knowledge, practical skills and abilities, as well as their scientific worldview.  
11Football Theory and MethodologyObjectives to form students' theoretical knowledge, practical skills and abilities, as well as a scientific worldview  
12Methods of arbitration in sportsMastering the theoretical and practical bases of arbitration in sports (organization of sports games and competitions in single combat)  
13Types of single combat and methods of teachingFormation of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in science

Information about researchers and research papers. 
Name and Surname of researcherAcademic degree, titleThe topic of the dissertation  
1Aliev Iskandar BahramovichPhD, docentScientific and theoretical bases of optimization of training loads in multi-year preparatory stages in wrestling.  
2Kadirov Abdurashid AbduganievichTeacherMethods of developing psycho-physiological characteristics of young football players
3Ruzimetov Rasul Tangriberganovich  Senior teacherDevelopment of optimal ratios of training microcycles of young players during the annual training
4Boltaev Azam Akramovich  TeacherWays to develop the skills of volleyball in 5-6 grades with the help of outdoor games.
  5Utenov Ural Urazboevich  Senior teacherDevelopment of physical qualities of teenagers through the use of elements of wrestling.
6Ibragimov Bekzod Bakhtiyorovich  Senior teacherMethods of improving the professional skills of coaching in wrestling in the system of advanced training
7Rahmatullaev Mirzoxid Sayfullo oglu  Trainee PHDMethodology for improving the effectiveness of individual tactical actions of qualified handball players in the attack.
8Kochkarov Bekzod Ozotovich  TeacherImproving the technology of professional development of students on the example of Taekwondo.
9Rakhimov Umarbek Ikromboevich  TraineeImproving the effectiveness of technical training of young players.
10Pulatov Laziz Azamat Ogli  TeacherMechanisms for improving the model of development of technical and tactical training of young taekwondo fighters
11Almakova Rumiya Muxamadievna  Ph.D. Associate ProfessorSocio-psychological features of the educational and training group and their training in the organization of educational work
12Aminova Aziza Alidjanovna  TraineeInvestor in the development of the brand of sports services in Uzbekistan
13Nurmetova Iroda Ulugbekovna  TraineeTechnology of special physical training of kneeling girls in the group of sports improvement.
14Otajonova Laylo Bakhtiyor qizi  TraineeOrganization of entrepreneurial activity in the field of physical culture and sports.
15Umurkulova Dilrabo Abdisamatovna  TraineeThe importance of leg strength in modern tennis and the benefits of restoring it during training.